7 Must Have Fashion Trends For Summer 2022

Published on 05/23/2022

What will style-conscious fashionistas wear in summer 2022? The following fashion trends are must-haves in the coming months.

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7 Must Have Fashion Trends For Summer 2022

Bottega Green

In addition to the Pantone favorite Very Peri, there is another color favorite in the 2022 fashion trends: Bottega Green. How exactly does it look? Like a very, very bright and rich frog green, not too light, not too dark – just right for real statement styles. A trend color that has been an integral part of the collections of the eponymous design house Bottega Veneta since summer 2021 and has now spread to the entire fashion world.

Linen Is The Ultimate Summer Fabric

Linen fashion is actually trendy every year. This is due to the properties of linen. No other fabric has proven itself so well in the summer heat. Because linen is breathable. The natural fiber absorbs humidity and releases it back to the outside. This cooling effect, similar to that of an air conditioner, is very pleasant for the skin. Linen is also tear-resistant and hard-wearing – i.e. durable. Another advantage: the summer fabric is dirt-repellent, lint-free and naturally germicidal.

XXL Silhouettes

The downfall of skinny jeans indicated that the trend will be sealed in 2022: tight fits are more or less passé when it comes to trousers and jackets, fashion professionals are now opting for wide, boxy cuts and unisex designs. At the forefront are oversized, wide coats that look a bit like we stole them from our fathers wardrobe.

Flounce Dresses

Flounced dresses have been omnipresent on Instagram, in well-known blogs and in fashion magazines in recent weeks. Influencers, royals or stars like Lena Gercke, Duchess Kate or Hollywood actress Cate Blanchett show how diverse the flounce style is. Whether skirts, blouses, trousers or dresses: flounced pieces can be easily combined and conjure up romantic, playful or casual looks.

Y2K Low-Waist Fits

The magic word when it comes to fashion trends is 2022 Y2K! Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Hailey Bieber – they have all ensured that we take a fashion journey back in time to the noughties. This year the trend is taken to the extreme, because now the low-waist fit is also celebrating its comeback.

High-Necked Dresses

While we are now showing more when it comes to bottoms, the dresses have a contrasting program: they are high-necked! Turtlenecks and stand-up collars are very popular, regardless of whether they are long knitted dresses or mini blouse dresses. The more buttoned-up, the better!


Which colors are en vogue this summer? In addition to the classic summer colors such as yellow, orange and red, pastel colors on the one hand and bright colourways on the other hand could be seen at the fashion weeks in London, New York and Co. Light blue or soft pink, deep dark blue or radiant pink – there is something for everyone for a quiet or eye-catching appearance.