Here Are 3 Things We’ve Learned About The Franchise From Avatar 2: The Way of Water

Published on 12/21/2022

The first reviews from critics for Avatar: The Way of Water have been published, and they focus on three intriguing differences between the sequel and 2009’s Avatar. Since before the first Avatar movie’s release, Avatar 2 has been in production, but there have been several delays since director James Cameron had to develop better technology to make the best version of the movie, especially for its underwater scenes. People are eager to see Avatar: The Way of Water, the sequel to the film that, when it was released in theaters, became the biggest box office success of all time, after a 13-year wait.

Avatar: The Way of Water is being closely examined by critics from all over the world, and the first few reviews have only begun to filter in after the review embargo was removed. Naturally, a lot of the reviews contrast Avatar 2 with the film’s predecessor from 2009. These reviews are being compiled by the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, whose rating for Avatar: The Way of Water reveals intriguing variances from James Cameron’s original Avatar.

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Screenshot 2022 12 21T094408.428


Avatar 2 Is Getting Slightly Better Reviews Than 2009’s Movie

Avatar: The Way of Water now has an 85% Rotten Tomatoes critic score based on 96 reviews. This places it slightly higher than the first Avatar, which received an 82% on critics’ evaluations. Even if the difference is negligible, it shows that Avatar 2 has garnered better reviews than its predecessor. It’s important to remember that the first Avatar received reviews from a large number of critics, thus Avatar 2’s rating may change based on what reviewers who haven’t seen the movie have to say about James Cameron’s most recent voyage to Pandora.

This film’s high Rotten Tomatoes rating appears to be supported by the joyful tone of numerous reviews that laud its plot, characters, and aesthetics. The positive reviews for Avatar 2 indicate that it is not only spectacular but also a gripping story, possibly even more so than Avatar. Everyone seems to agree that James Cameron has created another blockbuster success.

People Still Want To See More From The Avatar Franchise

People still want to watch movies set in the Avatar universe, which is one of the key things that Avatar 2’s Rotten Tomatoes score emphasizes. The fact that no one is interested in the Avatar franchise any more was one of the main criticisms of Avatar 2 before the movie ever came out, as well as criticism of the three additional sequels Cameron has in the works. It is been argued that because the first Avatar came out in 2009, Cameron missed the ideal window for releasing additional Avatar movies.

Avatar: The Way of Water’s rave reviews, on the other hand, demonstrate that the franchise is still popular with reviewers and perhaps audiences. People still want to watch stories set on the planet Pandora from Avatar, and the strong reviews will probably result in the picture performing well at the box office, if not quite at the same record-breaking level as the first movie. Avatar 2 is still resonating with critics who have seen the movie, whether it is due of its ground-breaking visual effects or the chance to revisit the environment and people from the first Avatar.

The Way Of Water’s Drawbacks Are Similar To The Original Avatar

The Rotten Tomatoes score for Avatar: The Way of Water emphasizes the movie’s primary flaw while also highlighting its excellent aspects. Avatar 2 is ultimately getting a similar response as seen by the fact that it is only currently 3% higher than its predecessor. This is perhaps because the movie does not significantly strengthen Avatar’s weaker elements, namely the story and characters. While it is said that Avatar 2 would enhance these features, particularly by making the tale more emotionally compelling, the CGI in Cameron’s Avatar 2 is largely to blame for the film’s excellent reviews.

Due to the fact that Avatar and Avatar: The Way of Water received scores that were remarkably similar, Cameron has unluckily failed to convert the critics of the original movie. Even now, some people are not fans of the sensational tales he is presenting. It is unlikely that Avatar: The Way of Water will win over a critic who disliked 2009’s Avatar. Even though the sequel is getting higher reviews, it shows how similar the films’ ambitious but perhaps conventional stories are.