10 Perfect Suit & Shirt Combinations

Published on 03/28/2023

It’s not always as simple as it should be to match the proper suit color to the right shirt. But if guys can master the right pairings, it will improve their overall appearance and make the outfit appear more put together.

To guarantee your outfit looks more cohesive we need to master the basics of color matching. This styling fundamental is a crucial talent for creating outfits. Once they have it down, men can easily apply it to different outfits, such as a shirt and tie, or add a splash of color to a subdued ensemble.

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10 Perfect Suit & Shirt Combinations


Understanding The Color Wheel

Spend all the money you want on a wardrobe of clothes, but if they can’t be combined well to create everyday looks, they are pointless. Together with fit, learning how to pair complementary colors harmoniously can be a fundamental life skill that will help men look their best every day.

Navy Suit and White Shirt Combination

Navy is without a doubt the best suit color, if we had to suggest just one. It provides a wonderful starting point for men to take in a variety of colors and textures.

For all guys, the combination of white and navy works well. The heavier blue color is softened by a crisp white shirt, which also serves as the ideal backdrop for adding color with a tie or pocket square.

Black Suit and White Shirt Combination

The traditional black suit is ageless and current. Often getting a bad rep as the uniform of hospitality staff, it delivers a slimming and streamlined silhouette.

For a piece so iconic, it is hard to look past a refined monochromatic finish. Not only are the two colors (black and white) the mainstay of the former’s very own dress code, they look damn good together.

To get the black suit, white shirt combination looking its refined best, don’t try and add color. Keep it simple by adding a black tie as an accessory to truly complete the look.

Navy Suit and Blue Shirt Combination

Going back to our flexible favorite, the navy suit. With this relationship, we are complementing the dark navy suit by introducing a lighter blue tone underneath. While maintaining the formality of the overall look, the subtle color harmony provides a welcome change from the traditional white shirt.

Keep in mind to wear a light-colored blue shirt with this ensemble. If it starts to get too dark, it will resemble navy too much and fail to produce a pleasing contrast of colors.

There are two approaches you can follow when accessorizing for the best results. First, add a navy tie and continue the blue color scheme. But select a knitted variation to add intrigue. Second, choose a hue that will stand out against the blue base, such as burgundy, from the color wheel.

Tan Suit and Blue Shirt Combination

During the summer, updating your formal attire with a tan suit might be a terrific idea. It has a light brown color that goes well with many different hues, including blue.

The relatively startling tone of the tan suit can be softened by wearing a blue shirt underneath. Men who might find a tan suit to be too daring may find a more acceptable summer suit choice by dialing it back with a blue shirt.

You’ll probably be wearing this color suit in the summer, thus a tie might not be necessary or desirable. The use of a colorful pocket square may therefore be preferred. If a tie is still required, you can choose a safe option like a plain navy tie or try more daring designs like polka dots and vertical stripes.

Navy Suit and Pink Shirt Combination

A pink blouse can be made less vivid by layering a darker color like navy over it. However, if you are still a little unsure, you can always choose a pale pink. The result is the same, but it is a little more aesthetically pleasing.

Your attire will permit a deeper, richer color of tie if you have selected a lighter shade of pink. Red or burgundy will work well because they are similar to pink on the wheel.

Tan Suit and White Shirt Combination

A tanned or deeper skin tone can truly benefit from the harmonious combination of white and tan. Perfect if you were able to get some summertime sun.

The white dress shirt is a proven way to add contrast while providing a white canvas for additional color, much like with pretty much any suit. Hence, make an effort to choose accessories with more assurance. Greens or rich browns can be a wonderful change. Yet if in doubt, males should stick with the navy, which is reliable.