These Are The Clothes You Should Remove From Your Closet

Published on 05/24/2022

Which fashion trends are actually out in 2022? We’ll tell you which clothes you should remove from your closet.

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These Are The Clothes You Should Remove From Your Closet

Ruffles and Flounces

They can be sweet sometimes, but this year they are out: ruffles and flounces. Silhouettes should be anything but cute in 2022. It will either be really wide and oversized or sexy. For items of clothing with ruffles and flounces, this means that they can first go to the basement. Return uncertain!

Pockets with Fringes

Bags with fringes were still hottest at the beginning of 2021. But they will disappear from the scene in the coming year. In complete contrast to their western friends, the cowboy boots. They can stay. When it comes to bags, it will be one thing above all: clean and minimalist. Brands like Bottega Veneta, Loewe and Celine are leading the way. Understatement is hip.


It’s kind of like a love-hate relationship. After all, we loved wearing tie-dye pieces even as children. In the summer of 2021, the DIY trend experienced a revival. But it goes just as fast as it came. In 2022 we prefer to focus on plain-colored pieces in soft pastel colors such as soft purple, pink and lime.

Animal Print

Animal print was actually never out of style. But now the time finally came. Wild patterns and playful prints are taking a break in the coming year. So the favorite patterns Leo and Zebra disappear at the back of the closet. On the other hand, classic patterns such as checks and stripes are hip – albeit in moderation. Means: A part with a pattern in the outfit is enough.

Skinny Jeans

We’ve known for a long time that this was going to happen: skinny jeans are officially out in 2022. The last few months have shown that particularly wide cuts are in demand. Whether as full-length jeans or in a cropped look – jeans will come in 2022 with XL silhouettes.

Brown Dresses

Brown has been the absolute trend color in recent months. But in summer we say goodbye to dark and earthy tones and exchange them for light colors such as white and cream. Dresses in these shades look particularly beautiful on slightly tanned skin and also bring out your complexion. White lace dresses are particularly popular. They can be combined in many ways – from chic to casual and cool. Here’s how to style them properly.

Balloon Dresses

As soon as summer is here, fashion is a little more playful again. No wonder ruffles and tiered skirts are hot this year. Dresses in eye-catching and bright colors, such as lemon yellow, are particularly popular. Thanks to their different lengths, the stepped models are suitable for all sizes. This trend suits both small and large women because the dresses adapt to all body types. Balloon dresses, on the other hand, are out. They don’t exactly flatter your silhouette and often look bulky. Go for fits that accentuate your waist but are still loose.