7 Styling Mistakes Men Should Avoid

Published on 05/23/2022

It doesn’t take much for a man to be well dressed. But even with the simplest looks, many mistakes can often be made. Which fashion faux pas, unfortunately, happen to men again and again – we have compiled the seven worst. Does a men have to be constantly nagged about his lack of fashion awareness? Yes, he must! After all, we encounter various styling errors again and again on the street. A few simple basic fashion rules determine whether a man is well or badly dressed. It not only affects notorious fashion muffles, but also real fashion professionals, as our selection shows:

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7 Styling Mistakes Men Should Avoid

Too Many Colors

We love stylish men. But when it comes to color, less is more! Otherwise, it quickly looks silly. To avoid the parrot, always combine neutral colors (beige, white, gray, black) or stay completely tone-on-tone in a colorful part. By the way, ties, socks, scarves or handkerchiefs provide subtle color accents.

Close The Jackets

It’s actually quite simple and easy to remember: The bottom button on the jacket, whether with three or two buttons, ALWAYS remains OPEN! Of course, this does not apply to jackets with only one button. And while we’re at it: a jacket is unbuttoned when sitting down and closed when standing.

Low-Rise Pants

Guys, do you intentionally pull your panties up so high or your pants down so low? Or why do you keep showing us your less than handsome boobies or, even worse, buttocks? It’s neither cool nor sexy, it’s just for the A…! Admittedly, it’s not just a men’s problem, the girls often enough have thongs and ass antlers flashing out of their pants too. So men, set a good example.

Too Much Jewelry

Nowadays, men are allowed to wear more than just a watch and cufflinks. But the line between a lot and too much jewelry for a man is thin. So think carefully about which piece of jewelry you want to showcase: necklace, bracelet OR ring. And when in doubt, silver jewelry is more appropriate than ostentatious gold.

Suit That Doesn’t Fit

The jacket too big, the suit pants too long – unfortunately a common mistake. There is hardly anything that makes a man more attractive than a perfectly fitting suit. The shoulders and back have to fit snugly, sleeves and trouser legs fall softly and smoothly, without showing any kinks or dents. A clenched fist ideally fits between the stomach and the waist button. The trouser leg sits no more than a crease on the wearer’s shoe.

Belt Buckles

Logo mania or not – belts with eye-catching logo clasps or monstrous buckles just look awkward and awkward with elegant trousers. Tip: With an elegant suit, the often underestimated suspenders are sometimes even a better choice than an unsuitable belt.


Unfortunately, you see it again and again on the street: mature men in small canvas shoes or with delicate slippers on their feet. What still works for slim boys is taboo for heavily built guys. Please note: A strong man needs solid shoes. Ideal: models with rough soles such as brogues and military-style boots. Please sort out slippers, slippers and ballerina-style shoes.