Award-Winning ‘Toy Story’ Have Disturbing Fan Theories: The Toys Were Never Alive

Published on 05/23/2022

Toy Story 4 won the best-animated feature Oscar at 92nd Academy Awards. With its innovative animation, hilarious script, and lovable characters, Pixar’s Toy Story has impacted the lives of countless Millenials and Gen-Z. As everyone is aware, the plot revolves around how toys come to life when people are not there. After four films, many viewers have developed hypotheses and investigated the philosophical mysteries of what makes a toy alive, what genuinely characterizes a toy and the narrative. All major television shows and films have fan theories, but Toy Story in particular has a multitude of them. Some speculations on websites like Reddit have even piqued the interest of the film’s makers. The disturbing ones are here, from individual characters to metaphors.

Disturbing 'Toy Story' Theories From Reddit: The Toys Were Never Alive

Award-Winning ‘Toy Story’ Have Disturbing Fan Theories: The Toys Were Never Alive


The Toys Were Never Alive

This is probably not a popular theory but it’s solid and it makes sense. Reddit user Kingzilla2000 presented that Toy Stories may be more like The Lego Movie in that their movements and story are all in their owner’s mind (s). If this idea is correct, it would rapidly close any plot holes in the films, such as why Buzz freezes like other toys despite not believing he is a toy in the first film.

Andy’s Dad Is Dead

Have you ever observed Andy’s preference towards powerful male adult figures? Most of his favorite toys include attributes that a father could have, such as leadership and kindness. Andy’s father is never seen or acknowledged, and fans have several opinions as to why. One widely held belief is that his father died. While many people have discussed this on Reddit, one member, JustATypicalGinger, stated that they believe this idea is correct because of the types of toys Andy like.

Andy’s Dad’s Originally Owned Woody

Another possibility concerning Andy’s father is that he was Woody’s former owner. Another reason why Woody is a beloved toy, according to one belief. Woody’s approach with Andy is similar to that of a father figure in that he wants to protect and please him. This might be because Woody is aware that his prior owner would have preferred it. This also provides an emotional aspect to the third film, when Andy delivers Woody to Bonnie.

Andy’s Mom Formerly Owned Jessie

Jessie the cowgirl makes an appearance in the second film. Emily, her owner, was indifferent to her. Fans on Reddit, such as user BerylliumExtract, have speculated that Emily is Andy’s mother. What viewers see of Emily is evidence that supports this idea. Many followers observed that she resembles Andy and even wears a hat similar to his. If Emily is Andy’s mother, it’s plausible that they’re wearing the same hat. This argument is accompanied by the melancholy concept that Emily does not remember Jessie and that Jessie does not recognize her adult owner.

Sid’s Dad Was Alcoholic

They say most bullies are the ones being abused at home. Of course, there are some gloomy interpretations of Toy Story. Among those dark speculations is one involving Sid’s father. Chili powder, a Reddit member, speculated that Sid’s father from the previous film may be an abusive drinker. Both Sid and the household dog appear to be terrified of their father. Also, the only thing spectators see of Sid’s father is him sleeping with beer cans on the floor. This might also explain why Sid is so aggressive with his toys.